The VIVA Manchester Team on our Cancer Care Parcels

viva Manchester logoThe fantastic VIVA Manchester Team wrote a post on our Cancer Care parcels. VIVA Magazine is a exciting addition to the world of lifestyle. VIVA launched in Manchester & Cheshire in May 2010. It is an established brand amongst the Manchester & Cheshire locals.

What Viva Manchester had to say:

“Cancer Care Parcel provides an opportunity to be able to get a useful gift for someone with cancer in times of uncertainty of what to do or say.

Parcels come attached with a small explanation of each item within it including a blanket to provide comfort and warmth throughout treatment.

Items are carefully selected and approved by experts teamed with cancer patients, survivors and partners who kindly donate to the parcels.”

A massive thank you to Viva for their lovely words about our parcels. Be sure to read their post in full. You can check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A Selection of Cancer Care Parcels:

  • Ultimate Womans Cancer Gift Present: A Useful Get Well Gift

    Luxurious Cancer Gift Pack | For Women

    £156.37 £149.99-4%
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  • Items In The Cancer Comfort Gift Hamper: Cancer Gifts For Convalescence & End of Chemo, Surgery, Radiotherapy

    Cancer Patient Comfort Gift Hamper | For Adults

    £93.95 £69.58-26%
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  • Childhood Cancer Gift Box: The Little Monkey Deluxe Hamper

    Little Monkey Mighty Big Cancer Patient Hamper | For Children

    £152.98 £129.99-15%
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  • Inside the Valentines Cancer Love Pack

    Romantic Cancer Care Love Box | For Adults

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  • A Luxury Breast Cancer Gift For Women: A Thoughtful Get Well Gift

    Breast Cancer Gift Package | For Women

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  • Finished Chemo Gift Hamper

    End of Chemo Survivor Gift Pack | For Adults

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  • Hospital Care Gift For Adults With Cancer: Thoughtful, Appropriate & Safe

    Hospital Cancer Patient Gift Hamper | For Adults

    £69.99 £59.99-14%
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  • Womans Cancer Care Pack

    Cancer Care Gift Package | For Women

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  • Childhood Cancer Survival Kit For Any Diagnosis and Any Stage of Cancer

    Thoughtful Cancer Survival Kit | For Children

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  • The All-Purpose Cancer Present For Adults: A Comforting Get Well Gift

    Thoughtful Cancer Gift Relief Kit | For Adults

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  • Kids chemotherapy gift basket: For A Young Chemo Patient

    Chemo Patient Ladybird Gift Box | For Kids

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  • Best Gifts For Children With Cancer Over Christmas

    Christmas Cancer Care Gift Sack | For Kids

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