It is so well thought out. Hydration is so important especially during Chemo so the water bottle is perfect, I can take it everywhere with me!

Colouring is so relaxing and helps me get away from it all; it also gives me something to do during Chemo and any time I have to spend in hospital. I often get puffy sore eyes and the cooling eye mask really helps with this as it is so soothing and stops the puffiness! I suffer from insomnia so the USB light is perfect to use when I can’t sleep as it doesn’t disturb my husband and if I’m in hospital it won’t disturb the other patients! My fluffy socks are perfect, when I’m feeling ill or on Chemo days I can snuggle up with toasty feet; they’re also brilliant when in hospital! Lastly the bubbles, I had so much fun with my nieces and nephew playing with these! My cancer care parcel is so special and made me feel so happy when I opened it. Little things like this can brighten ones day, it certainly brightened mine!

Vicky Review Via EMail The All-Purpose Cancer Present For Adults 10/01/2018