How To Talk To A Person With Cancer

How To Talk To A Person With Cancer: What To Say And Not To Say


It’s not always easy to know how to talk to someone with cancer and the most important thing is to listen.

In this article, we highlight some issues that you may find useful, but it is always the case that if they don’t feel like talking, let them know that’s OK, too, there is no rush.

And remember that there is no right or wrong way for a cancer patient, or for you,  to behave.

When to talk to a person with cancer

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  1. Totally agree with this, ppl always say “cheer up there may be a cure” with only 1% of CR funds going…

  2. Had most of that said to me! People can be so insensitive

  3. I think people honestly just don’t know what to say because I wouldn’t say anybody was purposely insensitive to me. I think it was easier for me to handle than it was for them.

  4. Be there to support them and listen if they want to talk God bless all who are suffering from this horrable illness and the family and freinds who are caring for them

  5. Im grateful.for all my friends and family..Always so supportive and encouraging..x

  6. A few times I’ve had “you still look the same” same as what? Were they hoping I looked like crap? Better? Worse? Then there’s the one that said “I’ll call you in a couple of weeks” still waiting 8 years later for that call. And the ones that didn’t come to see me in hospital because they didn’t want to be in the way. Unfortunately one finds out who the keepers are through adversity.

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