Split The Cost of a Cancer Care Parcel: Share The Love, Share the Giving.

Split the cost. Spread the love. Sharing giving. When it comes to organising that gift which you’ve all agreed is better shared, are you the one who must arrange it and chase your friends for payment, or the one who must remember to make that bank transfer?

Share costs of cancer care parcel, split the cost, UK Cancer Care Parcel

Most of us have been in both categories at different times and each situation has its own set of challenges.

We want to help make organising that shared gift easier, so are pleased to let you know that we have partnered with a new payment solution Chippin, which makes it so you can split the cost of our Cancer Care Parcels between you and your family or friends. Make it easier to share a gift and spread the love.

Chippin sits within the checkout of online stores- when the organiser selects the item to be gifted, all they need to do is provide the email addresses for others to be invited and everyone pays Cancer Care Parcel direct- so no chasing or remembering to pay.

If you want to learn more about how it works here’s a video


Shop for a parcel today and use Chipin at the checkout to share the love and spread the cost.

The Cancer Care Parcels

We provide the opportunity to buy friends, colleagues and loved ones gifts they need.  Thoughtful, appropriate and useful gifts, created in the UK by people who have had experience with cancer.

Our Cancer Gifts Include

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  1. Thank you for sharing - we are so pleased you've chosen us to help give your customers more payment choices when they are buying your thoughtful gifts.


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