Honest review of our cancer care package for men

A massive thank you to Emma from Free From Farmhouse for her honest review of our cancer care package for men.

Emma’s Thoughts:

“I really liked the simplicity of the packaging and the clarity of the message. I know it can be really difficult for people to know what to say and this box does it for you. As Mr C unpacked it, I could see it had been thoughfully put together with a great mix of practical and pampering gifts. It was clear that this was something designed by people who had been through cancer and understood what that meant.

It had a great balance of things you need, things you want, and things that are just nice to have – a winning combination!”

More about the parcel:

This specially crafted deluxe parcel provides useful & luxury items for all men with cancer, at any stage.

  • Everything included: practical items for dealing with stress and therapy, luxury items for pampering, fun and motivational items.
  • A premium cancer gift to give relief during difficult times
  • Safe for all treatments.
  • This parcel is suitable for all men in ANY of the following circumstances 1) Just diagnosed with cancer 2) Undergoing any type of treatment 3) Not undergoing cancer treatment.

Emma is a writer, author, presenter and mum to two allergic adventurers. She show you how to embrace life as an allergy family, while staying safe and sane! To read her full review of our parcel please check out her post.

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