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Cancer Care Parcel Is Extending Its Partnership With Solving Kids Cancer

Cancer Care Parcel Is Extending Its Partnership With Solving Kids Cancer
Cancer Care Parcel will donate £1 for every children’s gift sold. Donations apply for purchases until the end of December 2017

We are very pleased that we will be extending our partnership with Solving Kids Cancer until the end of December 2017 to help them fundraise.  We are donating a £1 for every sale our special cancer care kits for children.  All the children’s cancer gifts provide useful and fun distractions from the everyday stress of cancer.

We’ve got some great reviews of our kits for children.

The little monkey mighty big hamper:

‘I don’t know how they fitted it all in this box provided, and its a big box! Lots of nice things to keep my son amused.’

The pink parcel – for anyone who likes pink!

‘It was perfect. The cat water bottle is his favourite and it keeps him drinking.’

‘It was such a treat to give this to my friend’s daughter. A great gift because there was so much fun packed inside but clearly items that would be useful for her also. It was well worth the spend to see the smile on her

Monkey Items in the Little Monkey Box


An Essential Childhood Cancer Parcel

‘A joyful box’.

About Solving Kids’Cancer

Solving Kids’Cancer has its roots in supporting Jack Brown who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, to access treatment in the USA.  It now supports children and families affected by neuroblastoma:


  • To access specialist support, knowledge and resources.
  • Through funding groundbreaking research.
  • By supporting families through the unique challenges neuroblastoma presents.


If you are thinking of buying a child with cancer a gift,  please get one before 2017 so that part of your money will go to a very worthy cause.

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