My Dads Fight With Cancer: A Personal Journey For The Whole Family

My Dads Fight With Cancer: A Personal Journey For The Whole Family

Ron was diagnosed with prostate cancer and bone cancer.

It was a surprise and at the same time not so. I say that because everyone on my dads side of the family has had cancer. My uncle had prostate cancer and had his prostate removed. My aunt had breast cancer and had her breasts removed. My other aunt had a benign cancer near her breast. All of them are now cancer free after having removal. Also I just want to mention all of my dads side of the family lives in San Francisco and I stayed with them for some years while attending school. My father and his siblings do not talk much because they fight often. My dad really does not like my aunts and uncles. Still my uncle warned my dad to get checked when they discovered my uncles prostate cancer. My uncles doctors told my uncle to let my dad know to be checked. Given my dads age and that prostate cancer could be hereditary. My dad followed my uncles advice and when they took a blood test my dad had high markers in his blood for cancer. They then did a test on his prostate and did not find any cancer. He felt like he was fine and one mistake he feels he made is that he did not go back and get regularly tested every few months. Especially with his high levels in his blood.

Ron was diagnosed with prostate cancer and bone cancer.

About two years after his first prostate test he hurt his lower back trying to lift something.

It hurt fairly bad and was not getting better. He went to a doctor and they did some tests. Afterwards it showed that he had cancer throughout his hip, spine, left shoulder and left leg. It also showed he had prostate cancer and it had spread to his bones. The doctors were not very favorable on how long he would live, but my father wanted to fight. He started his medication and the more positive part is that my father started to make some changes. He wanted to make sure that my mother and myself would be secure for the future. He made some life changes and started to change his finances. My dad was diagnosed almost three years ago so we have been thinking about or worried about him having cancer for a little more then five years now, since his first high blood readings.

After my father was diagnosed with cancer my parents bought their first home.

They have been living in it for a year now. To be honest my parents were always pay check to pay check people. As I stated before my dad wanted to make sure my mom and I would be secure for our future. My dad had thought about buying a home in the past before he was diagnosed with cancer. His and my moms credit was never good enough. They also did not have a down payment. When my dad wanted to focus on buying a home in the past I started to look into how to repair his and my moms credit. I did improve my dads credit by paying off multiple collections and getting a small credit card started for my father to have some positive activity. They still did not have a down payment and never was able to finalize buying a home.

Once my dad was diagnosed with cancer he really focused on getting a home.

He sold a car and my parents got some money from my grandmother. In the end they bought their first home in Salem, Oregon. It was a foreclosure and priced well enough to were my mother can feel comfortable to pay it once my dad is gone. Also my mother is from Oregon and my grandmother lives in Salem. We get to visit my grandmother and other family members come down frequently to see her. Its nice to be able to spend time with my moms side of the family.

My parents are very proud of buying the home and I am also.

I am proud of my dad really focusing to improve himself even when it is getting very hard for him.

At this time my dad is going through much pain. He sometimes has a hard time walking and he did recently do another MRI of his bones and it looks like the cancer has spread a little. The doctors have stated they may start him on radiation treatment and I do not know how that will affect him. My dad likes to be a strong man and independent. Though he is proud of the home he is starting to lose some of his day to day independence and its crushing him. I stay in Salem now with my family to spend time with my father. Its hard hearing him cry some mornings or cry walking up and down the hall upset about his situation. It was hard for me moving from San Francisco to Salem and finding new work. Oregon is not really home to me and my dad kinda feels the same way. Still I love spending time together and helping my father. We love spending time together and we still have our fantasy football league. To give some quick info all three of us made playoffs in the league we were playing in. I had to face my mom and sadly I lost. My mom and dad now play each other in the league championship game. Its great to watch football together every single weekend.

I am praying that my dad can start to feel better and get healthier.

Please pray for him. At the very least like so many others fighting cancer we just hope that we get more time with our loved ones. We want them to be comfortable. I will also end with the importance to always get checked and visiting your doctor. If you do not believe in western medicine then do what you feel, stay positive and take care of yourself.

If you get diagnosed with cancer never try to blame yourself.

I have seen my dad do that and that probably hurt me the most.

Be around your loved ones and do what makes you happy.

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