What to give a woman with cancer? Hugs, gifts and a lot more discussed.

What to give a woman with cancer? Hugs, gifts and a lot more discussed.

A woman with cancer is different. Her type of cancer, personality and support network are all unique, so what you give her should be too.

Basically, just because you know a woman with cancer doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy her a hat or scarf for when her hair falls out, or that you need to give her lots of hugs and sympathy.

We are all different and so is cancer.  Not everyone with cancer loses their hair and not everyone wants or needs a hug.

From everything we have heard from women with cancer and from our own experiences the most important thing you can give women with cancer is time.

  • Time to talk
  • Time away from household chores
  • Time away from worrying about family life and kids and so forth

Not everyone will need the same help and support, so you need to know the person that you are giving your time to, or work out from their circumstances what they may need.

We have further articles on this site (some are listed below) about practical steps you can make to help someone with cancer.

To hug or not to hug a woman with cancer?

Sometime cancer hurts and hugs can hurt. Sometimes, people don’t need hugs as it reminds them of their vulnerability.  But sometimes, people need a hug, a bit of human warmth and contact to remind them that they are not alone.  So, if you would normally hug this person, simply ask before you hug.

Final thoughts

And lastly… this is not just about women with cancer, the men and the children in your lives and the women without cancer could all do with a bit more time and attention too, we all could!

Appropriate gifts For women with cancer

What do you think?

Please do send us your comments, like and dislikes about this article, and if you would like to suggest an article or send something in, we would be very happy to hear from you.

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