Video: Should You Hug Someone With Cancer?

Video: Should You Hug Someone With Cancer?

The most important thing you can give to someone with cancer is your time

  • Time to talk
  • Time away from household chores
  • Time away from worrying about family life and kids

Not everyone will need the same help and support, so you need to know the person that you are giving your time to, or work out from their circumstances what they may need.

To Hug or not to Hug

Sometimes cancer hurts and hugs can hurt. Sometimes, people don’t need hugs as it reminds them of their vulnerability. But sometimes, people need a hug, a bit of human warmth and contact to remind them that they are not alone. So, if you would normally hug this person, simply ask before you hug.

Take Time For Yourself.

When you find out that someone you know has cancer, it is also important to address your own emotions. It is perfectly okay to feel a range of emotions from sad, angry, scared, or even numb. Whatever you are feeling, try to be sensitive and empathetic to the person who’s ill. It’s okay to tell them you are upset but don’t let it overrun you leading to them having to comfort you.

We have a range of resources for you, if you know someone with cancer

We have many resources for people who know someone with cancer, to help and inform during various stages and treatments, which you can find in this link – When Your Friend Or Loved-One Has Cancer

Resources include:

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