Video: Cancer Self Care Ideas - To Help You Look After Yourself

Video: Cancer Self Care Ideas – To Help You Look After Yourself

Straight away, as soon as you get a cancer diagnosis life seems to get out of control. With all the demands of treatments, dealing with side effects, work, family, surgery …. Life can seem to be an endless task of appointments and exhaustion,  and time for ourselves can seem limited.

Treatments and side effects will go on, but we can make the decision to take time out, care for ourselves and get some control back into our lives.

Addressing self-care needs when we have cancer can help us build resilience and gives us the mental strength to face what lies ahead.  Self-care means paying attention to our mental and physical needs, rest when we need to, do hobbies when and if we can.  It is not selfish or self-indulgent to give yourself time. This is especially true when most of your time is consumed with dealing with cancer with all its side effects (including the emotional and physical stress). Regular self-care practices can in fact reduce some adverse effects of stress, sleep disturbances and anxiety.

Everyone’s interpretation of self-care, likes dislikes and needs are different, so here are just a few ideas to get you to start thinking about what you should be doing to look after yourself more.

Resources to help with self care during cancer

We have several resources for people with cancer. These aim to help and inform you during various stages and treatments.

Resources include:

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