Helping a friend with cancer infographic

Helping A Friend With Cancer: What You Need to Know

So you have found out that a friend, colleague or loved one has cancer. What do you do now? The easiest thing is to not deal with it, just ignore it until you hear they are better or worse. And there are many people who do just that, simply because they do not feel that they know how to react or possibly because they don’t want to face it. But this is the worst thing you can do for someone who might need you right now. Helping a friend with cancer does not have to be difficult.

Free Cancer Gifts Seal 2018

Top Four UK Groups That Give Free Cancer Gifts: 2018

We Came Up With These Top Four UK Charities And Voluntary Groups That Will Give You Free Cancer Gifts If You Have A Cancer Diagnosis.

Don’t Say It With Flowers: Why You Shouldn't Buy Flowers For Chemotherapy Patients

Don’t Say It With Flowers: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Flowers For Chemotherapy Patients

Flowers For A Chemotherapy Patient Might Seem Like A Good Idea. This Article Discusses Why You Might Want To Think Twice.

Thoughtful Cancer Care Packs To Help All Ages And All Stages Of Cancer

Thoughtful Cancer Care Packs To Help All Ages And All Stages Of Cancer

Cancer Care Packs can help your friend, loved one or colleague cope with the everyday stress of their cancer diagnosis. But what to include in a care package is not an easy decision and it is easy to get things wrong.  For example, it’s important not to buy flowers for people undergoing chemotherapy and just […]

The Cancer Care Parcel Advisory Board

Why You Can Trust Cancer Care Parcel With Your Cancer Gifts

There are many places you can buy a cancer gift. But Cancer Care Parcel provide the opportunity for you to buy friends, colleagues and loved ones the gifts they really need. Let’s face it, when most people hear that someone they know has cancer, they are at a loss for what to do or say and […]

What To Buy Someone Having Treatment For Cancer? A Product Review

We just wanted to say a quick thank you to  Nickie O’Hara from the popular Typecast for her lovely review of our “Comfort For Chemotherapy” gift box.

From Me to You - Writing To Your Friend With Cancer

From Me to You: Letter Writing To People With Cancer

From Me to You’s website is filled with writing resources, toolkits and a community to help anyone interested in writing letters.

Five Great Cancer Gift Ideas That Won't Cost You A Fortune

Five Great Cancer Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Fortune

Sometimes you just want to do something different: to bring a smile to the face of someone who has or will be going through a lot.  You can and it doesn’t have to cost you too much.  Great cancer gifts don’t need to cost much, sometimes it just needs some thought.

Me And My Radiotherapy Treatment: What You Cant See

Me And My Radiotherapy Treatment: What You Cant See

There Are Three Things That You Don’t See In This Image Of Me At Buckingham Palace. The Secrets Of My Radiotherapy Cover-Up Are Revealed.

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