Solving Kids' Cancer charity

Cancer Care Parcel Will Donate Some Profit To “Solving Kids’ Cancer”

Until 30th November 2017, Cancer Care Parcel are donating £1 for each children’s cancer gift parcel sold to the charity “Solving Kids’ Cancer’

Our children’s gifts can be found at

About Solving Kids’ Cancer

Solving Kids’ Cancer supports the lives of children affected by neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer.

Their Care and Connect team supports families affected by neuroblastoma with the unique challenges they face throughout their journeys.

Their fundraising campaigns are for access to clinical trials not available in the UK; identifying and funding promising neuroblastoma research and advocating for children for the best treatment and care.

Solving Kids’ Cancer also runs campaigns to fund treatment abroad for children who live in the UK. Their campaigns are organised into ‘Journeys’ and ‘Appeals’. Appeals are for families who have determined a treatment for their child abroad for which there is an associated cost to fundraise for. Journeys are less focused campaigns for funds for the eventuality that a child will need a costly treatment path abroad in the future.

For more information, visit

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Does Your Charity Want To Partner With Us

When you partner with us, we can help your charity fundraising by donating £1 from each sale of specific gift boxes. Once we have selected the gift box that will promote the donations, we heavily promote this donation on all our social media networks and other appropriate channels.  We can also give you creatives to let your clients and followers know.

To find out more about being a Cancer Care Parcel charity partner please see

Thoughtful Children’s Cancer Gifts

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