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What To Say & Not To Say To People Who Have Cancer: Positive Health

Our CEO (Dr Shara Cohen)  has written a great article about talking to people with cancer over at Positive Health.

She says

You may be surprised to learn that ignoring a friend with cancer is a common response. Don’t be afraid to talk with your friend. It is better to say, “I don’t know what to say” than to stop calling or visiting because it makes you feel bad or you are nervous about what to say.  The most important thing is to be there and to listen.

You can read her full article over on the Positive Health website: http://www.positivehealth.com/article/cancer/what-to-say-and-not-to-say-to-people-who-have-cancer

Our CEO Dr Shara Cohen Is Now A Fellow Of The Royal Society Of BiologyDr Shara BA Cohen BSc (Hons) PhD CBiol FWIF FRCPath FIBMS FRSB started her working life as a research scientist and lecturer with over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications. She followed a classical scientific career until she left mainstream science in 2000 (which coincided with the birth of her first daughter) to establish the Life Science Communications company, which she sold in 2016.  In 2013 she was diagnosed with Cancer and set up Cancer Care Parcel.

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  1. A gaffe can sometimes can be hurtful to others – an important read.

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