The little monkey box is too full

Too Many Items To Pack Into Cancer Care Parcels Little Monkey Box

We have had to take a break as there are just too many items to pack inside the Little Monkey Box!!

We wanted to keep you updated on what we are up to in the Cancer Care Parcel office, where recently we have been packing up each of our different boxes to send off, including the Pink Parcel, the Deluxe Adult Boxes (Male and Female), and the Little Monkey Box. Today, we are having to think on our feet, as we have realized that our boxes simply are not large enough to fit all the wonderful monkey-themed products we have selected to make up our Little Monkey Box.

Just too many items to squeeze into the box

These images show only the START of us trying to pack the Little Monkey Boxes, where it can be seen that the most problematic items are the larger ones which take up much more space. It is certainly proving a challenging task for everyone here at the CCP office!

The big items are

  • The monkey pillow
  • The monkey rucksack
  • The picture rub art
  • The snuggly blanket
  • The bedside light

Smaller items such as the Powerseed Powerbank, the Jenier Peppermint Herbal Tea, and the Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Wrist Band, which we include in most of our parcels, are much less of an issue as they can simply be slotted in between the larger items.

Despite using our Deluxe boxes, which are our biggest size, there is just too much to pack.

After a much-needed thinking break, we will start again tomorrow!!

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