Double Mastectomy Cushion

I Can Make You A Single Or Double Mastectomy Cushion

A couple of years ago a very dear friend of mine was also diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to give her a gift to let her know I was thinking of her.

She said that after her surgery she was struggling to sit/lie comfortably and that the car journey home had been awful as the seatbelt pressed into her surgery site.

This gave me the idea of the mastectomy cushion – I did some research and saw that people do make these, but they are all heart shaped and just sit in the armpit. I wanted to make something a little more substantial that offered the recipient more stability and comfort.

I created the single mastectomy cushion to sit under the arm, but also come across the body a little way so it could be used in the car etc.


With the double mastectomy cushion, there is a lovely big centre panel that can go against surgery sites and wraps around to go under the arms at the same time. The main thing about my cushions is that they are versatile & durable so they can be folded, rolled etc.

I have a vast array of materials & a local material shop, so I will always try and accommodate customers request regards to colour schemes etc.

We also do surgical drain bags and can do these in matching colours
At a very dark time in someone’s life I hope my cushions can bring a little light and comfort to them.

Claire x


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  1. How much plz ?

    1. Hi
      The single is £16.50 and the double is £22.50
      This includes 1st class signed for postage
      Kind regards, Claire x

      1. Patsy Beesley

        Please may I order a single mastectomy cushion..
        I am due to have surgery this week. I like the blue cushion with the flamingoes on or something similar.

        1. Cancer Care Parcel

          Thank you for your enquiry
          We actually sell cancer gifts
          You will need to go to
          And request a cushion from them
          With best wishes
          Cancer Care Parcel

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