Kirsty-from the lifestyle blog Love and Lifestyle reviews our cancer gifts

Cancer Care Parcel Reviews From Love and Lifestyle

Love and LifeStyle reviewed our Chemotherapy Survival Box and our Comfort For Cancer Gift Hamper

Thank you Kirsty for reviewing two of our cancer gift hampers.

Kirsty says

When my dad got ill I would’ve done anything to help him, I remember him undergoing a chemotherapy clinical trial and suffering with mouth ulcers, chapped lips, damaged vocal cords… the list of side effects goes on. I witnessed him in pain and it broke my heart. If I could’ve bought something to help bring him some comfort I would’ve jumped at the chance which is why today I want to tell you about a company that has created a range of care parcels for cancer patients.

Kirsty, from the lifestyle blog ‘Love and Lifestyle‘ reviewed our

Comfort for Chemotherapy and Cancer Comfort gift hampers.  We are really pleased to tell you that they also went to good use.

the boxes I received have now been delivered to the oncology department that my dad was treated by..A chemotherapy care box was handed to the ward and  a comfort box was given to the outpatients department for them to gift to someone this Christmas.   

To read the full review click here.

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