Five Great Cancer Gift Ideas That Won't Cost You A Fortune

Five Great Cancer Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Fortune

Sometimes you just want to do something different: to bring a smile to the face of someone who has or will be going through a lot.  You can and it doesn’t have to cost you too much.  Great cancer gifts don’t need to cost much, sometimes it just needs some thought.

Here are five great cancer gift ideas to get you thinking about what you can give your friend, loved-one or colleague to help them through this difficult time, that won’t cost you too much except your time.

1. A letter to let them know that you will be there for them

When you have cancer it is comforting to know that there are people who care about you and that you can rely on.  A heartfelt letter can be just as a great cancer gift and as useful as any shop bought gift.  It can bring comfort to know that there is someone to rely on.

2. A homemade voucher book of the things that you commit to do

There are many practical tasks that you can do that will help a person with cancer and can be seen as great gifts.  A little booklet of tokens for tasks that you promised to do is a unique cancer gift that your shows commitment to be there for them.

3. Offer to take them out for a coffee or lunch date.

It may sound strange but often people will avoid their friend with cancer or avoid the subject.  It’s not easy to know what to say.  But this could be the time when they need you the most.   To offer to take them out for coffee or lunch and be there to listen could be just what they need.

4. Home cooking

With all the stress of appointments and worry about what will happen, it is important to make sure your friend is looking after themselves.  If you bring them some homemade ready meals to heat up this can take really help.  Be certain to make sure you know of any changes in eating habits, as often cancer treatment or cancer itself can change appetites or have restrictions.

5.  A night in with a video/DVD/Netflix

A quiet night in, to take their mind away from the stress of a cancer diagnosis might be what they need.  Some company and a good film/box set/sports match with you can work wonders.

If you have any thoughts, like or dislike what we say or suggestions your self please let us know in the comments


  1. I have just recieved 2free Santa sacks from cancer parcel thank u so much I will be passing them on shortly thanks for your kindness& genorosity

  2. Some really lovely, thoughtful ideas here.

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