“ONCOLYF” – endorses work for, by, of the Cancer Patients and survivors

“ONCOLYF” endorses work for Cancer Patients

Cancer research is a driving force in my life, but I thought my contribution shouldn’t stop inside the Lab, so I created “ONCOLYF”.   ONCOLYF endorses some incredible work that benefits cancer patients and their families. There are lots of wonderful people around the world doing amazing work for cancer and I think they all need attention.  Oncolyf helps to create a community of doctors, scientists, survivors and organizations to inspire each other and work together.

For example, INGA Well being is an amazing clothing brand that designs comfortable and fashionable patient clothes to wear during treatments such as chemotherapy.  This kind of work needs lots of attention and Oncolyl are perfectly positioned to do this.


You can see some of our work below

Oncolyf are happy to be part of any work that benefits cancer patients. Feel free to contact us for any non-profit Cancer-related collaborations. We are always happy to get involved. Let’s be an Onco family.

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