Ellie Jeffery

Ellie’s Friends: Freebies to adults (16+) living with cancer all over the UK

Ellie’s Friends is dedicated to improving the lives of adults (16+) living with cancer all around the UK. They provide frequent freebies from generous businesses and individuals, to offset some of the financial and psychological impacts of a cancer diagnosis.

Ellie's FriendsFour in five people are, on average, £570 a month worse off as the result of a cancer diagnosis (Macmillan)

Giving up work, paying for trips to the hospital and healthier food all play a big part in building expenses. The psychological impacts of eternal boredom and depression that can set in during treatment and recovery from chemotherapy, are also so often overlooked.

Ellies Friends want to change this by helping to reinstate treats, often the first thing sacrificed after diagnosis, and give our users a bit of a lift at a difficult time.

They provide tickets for shows and events, most recently they have been given some tickets to this series of Celebrity Juice! Vicky who went  to the last series through Ellie’s Friends said this of her experience “The VIP experience was fantastic, and a much-needed treat after all the rounds of chemo and surgery.” Ellie’s Friends also have special packages that can be delivered in the post, book bundles, beauty bits and of course the care packages kindly donated by Cancer Care Parcel.

Continuing the vision of Ellie JefferyEllie’s Friends

Ellie Jeffery wanted to “Make the Big C Smaller”. Ellie’s Friends is an initiative established by the Eleanor Rose Foundation, which was set up by the fiancé and friends of Ellie Jeffery, who died of secondary breast cancer age 29.

Ellie was born in Middlesbrough in 1983 and attended school locally in North Yorkshire before studying broadcast journalism at Leeds University. She was a determined and dedicated journalist and quickly progressed from reading the news on local radio to presenting for Tyne Tees Television and eventually working in London for Sky and ITN as both a reporter and producer.

She was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2010 and it was after her diagnosis of secondary metastases of the bone in May 2011 that Ellie started a blog, Written Off, in which she described her experiences and feelings as she underwent a number of debilitating treatments. Although Ellie passed away on May 18th 2012 she will never be forgotten by anyone who met her.

Ellie's FriendsIf you are someone living with cancer, over the age of 16, who would like to sign up to Ellie’s Friends.

Register here (https://www.elliesfriends.org/register/client), all they require is a photo of a recent medical letter. You can then visit their freebies page to apply for treats (https://www.elliesfriends.org/freebies), many of these are repeating offers which are posted each month, a winner is picked at random from all those that have applied.

If you are a business, small or large, which wishes to donate your services to Ellie’s Friends

Please email on [email protected] . To get involved in fundraising or volunteer to help them source new freebies then please see our Get Involved page (https://www.elliesfriends.org/getInvolved). 

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  1. Ben giles

    My son Oliver, has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy – he was 17 on February 17 2018.

    Any help or advice would be really appreciated in relation to any grants, funding or anything to boost his spirits.

    Ben Giles

    1. Cancer Care Parcel

      Apologies for this very delayed response. Please check out our article TOP FOUR UK GROUPS THAT GIVE FREE CANCER GIFTS: 2018


      With best wishes


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