A Plea For Sponsorship From GFAOP - Healing Childhood Cancer in Africa

A Plea For Sponsorship From GFAOP – Healing Childhood Cancer in Africa

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The main focus of the GFAOP is to cure African children in their own Country who are suffering from cancer with the help of local doctors and nurses.

In order to permanently back local teams, the GFAOP main fields of action are to:

  • Train medical staff.
  • Dispatch medicines.
  • Clinical Research, Adapted medicine dosage (posology) to fit each patient.
  • Provide assistance both to the Public Health Institution and to the families.

The GFAOP focuses on the most widespread 5 cancers in AFRICA which are:

  1. acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
  2. Retinoblastoma’s
  3. Nephroblastoma’s
  4. Hodgkin
  5. Burkitt Lymphomas

Created in 2000 by the professor Jean Lemerle, the pediatric units have treated 1000 children in 2017.

Unfortunately, this number is a lot less than the real number of sick children in the countries where the GFAOP is present. This number should be closer to 10 000 according to cancer incidence statistics. The small reach can be explained by all kinds of difficulty that the families of sick children face. (financial, remoteness, uneducated). The primary hurdle being that the families do not know the high probability of curing cancer and do not do the necessary to save their sick children. In Europe, 80% of sick children are in remission.

In subsaharian Africa, cancer is seen as sure death…

Thanks in advance for your help/sponsoring.

Christian Monga

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