Cancer Rehabilitation: What Every Cancer Survivor Should Know

Cancer Rehabilitation: What Every Cancer Survivor Should Know

There is a good chance that a person who has had cancer will benefit from Cancer Rehabilitation.

Dr. Julie Silver,  director of Cancer Rehabilitation,  at Harvard Medical School and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, MA. has written an article in this months Coping with Cancer highlighting the need for more information about how people can access cancer rehabilitation and what it can achieve.

We have highlighted the main points below

Many Survivors Need Rehabilitation. 

Research suggests that many people with cancer who have finished their treatment would benefit from rehabilitation.  This is because some treatments can leave the person with pain or discomfort.

Cancer Rehabilitation Should Start As Soon As Possible

There is a critical window between diagnosis and the beginning of treatment called prehabilitation.  Prehabilitation is not common could be used effectively.

How To Tell If You Need Cancer Rehabilitation

So if you feel that you or a friend would benefit from rehabilitation do mention it to your doctor.  Prehabilitation and rehabilitation can help survivors function at a higher level and feel better.

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