How To Choose The Right Cancer Gift: Four Tips To Guide You

How To Choose The Right Cancer Gift: Four Tips To Guide You

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When you have just found out that your close friend has been diagnosed with cancer, or your loved one needs chemotherapy, getting the right cancer gift is probably the furthest from your mind.

It’s hard to know what to do or say and everyone is concerned about the outcome.

Finding time to digest what is happening is important for all those concerned.  Quite often it’s hard to find the peace required, the right information and the items needed that will help on the journey.

Cancer gifts can ease this stress and show that you care.  But there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the right thing to give.

1. Think about the person when giving a cancer gift

It may seem obvious, but a child wont necessarily want or need the same present as an adult.  A man wont always need what a teenager needs.  And some people just have colour preferences!

   Examples of getting the right cancer gift for the right person

Adults may find they need certain items, such as a thermometer, to check whether they have an infection. This can be a useful gift for an adult, because a child would not appreciate it.

We know this is sexist, but many men may not appreciate a face mask for pampering.  Women wont want a face-cream designed for men with dry skin which can be a side effect of treatment.

Children may have a colour preference which will help them appreciate a gift, even if that gift is more useful than fun, (presented in the right way, it can be both).

..and just because a child and adult are going through chemotherapy, does not mean that they would both appreciate bed socks for example.  An adult might find them comforting and helpful if they get cold due to treatment, a child might find them an annoyance.

2. Think about the treatment when giving a cancer gift

When people think of cancer many think of the devastating effects that therapy can bring: sickness, hair loss and so on. But with advances in cancer research, science and medicine this is no longer always the case.  These days not everyone needs to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy and if they do, these treatments no longer always give such harsh side effects.

Cancer Gifts Cane Ease The Stress And Show You Care

So, for example, a hat as a gift for someone who is having chemotherapy may not be suitable unless you know the hair is thinning,

Examples of suitable items for different cancer therapies

In our chemotherapy gift boxes we provide items such as

  • blankets: for during treatment or resting at home, whether they get cold from therapy or just need to snuggle,  a nice soft blanket can be a great comforter.
  • peppermint tea: you don’t have to be going through chemotherapy to drink peppermint tea,  but if you are, it can help with any nausea which can be a side effect.

For people undergoing radiotherapy, a good strong sunblock is always useful for after treatment

3. Even when you don’t know the treatment, it doesn’t have to be hard to find the right cancer gift

When you don’t know the treatment regime,  or if there is no treatment, it does not mean you cannot get them an appropriate present.  There are many items gratefully received and useful throughout the cancer journey.

For example

  • catchable bubbles can give some fun whilst taking the mind away from the day-to-day.
  • water bottles to stay hydrated are useful for everyone’s general health.
  • an insulated food bag is useful,  for taking snacks to treatment or hospital. Equally handy to keep by the bed whilst convalescing or for picnics.

4. Think about your budget

When worrying what to buy someone who has cancer you can be bombarded by luxury and costly items.  This does not have to be the case.  If you search carefully you can find gift hampers and cancer gift packs at reasonable prices, or you can compile one yourself to cut your costs.  We suggest that when you find gift packages for cancer, check the retail prices of the contents before you buy.  Sometimes you can pay over the odds just for the compilation of goods.

Our cancer gifts are created with the person, treatment, and budget in mind

Last thoughts

If you don’t agree with our suggestions or you have other suggestions to make, please contact us, we are always happy to hear from you and we love receiving suggestions for our cancer gifts.

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  6. The best gift is to show you are there and care money can’t buy that x

  7. So true me and my Daughter were diagnosed 3 weeks between each other with cancer it was a shock but wee are there for one another also family and friends xx

  8. @BSBreastCancer I was given the #BeanieBear hope and he still sits by my bed!

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