Cancer Care Parcel

Cancer Care Parcel: What We Do For People Affected By Cancer

Cancer Care Parcel partners with UK charities helping them fundraise and raise awareness.  We also provide gift box donations and financial support.  In addition, we drive awareness campaigns and acting on the advice of our supporters, fill gaps that are needed in the UK Cancer Community.

Our team

The team at Cancer Care Parcel all have experience with cancer, either as a patient, survivor, family member or friend.

Using profit to support the community

We donate to Cancer Charities and help with their awareness campaigns

In September 2017 we started a project to donate £1 from the sale of specific parcels to our charity partners. and to provide resources to help with their awareness campaigns

We also donate our parcels to charities, hospitals and hospices

With our communities help, Cancer Care Parcel have compiled The UK Cancer Directory

The UK Cancer Directory lists verified cancer charities, support groups, therapists, suppliers, bloggers and services.  All listings are genuine cancer charities, support groups and companies based in the UK. We are not listing any sites which make claims to prevent or cure cancer. Once a site is submitted we verified the sites personally to make sure they are genuine.

This is a work in progress with the aim to have all UK resources in one place for the cancer community  To find out more click here.

Cancer Care Parcel spends a lot of time writing and sourcing articles to benefit the cancer community.

Our primary aim is to provide some insight into what people are going through when they have cancer, with advice on

  • what to say and do
  • what not to say or do
  • which products may or may not be suitable as gifts

We also include news items and updates on research plus personal stories. You can see our articles at

If you would like to comment or write an article please contact us, we are always happy to hear your point of view. Our guidelines for article submission can be found here

Awareness Campaigns

As well as supporting and helping grow the awareness campaigns of selected UK cancer charities, at the start of 2018 we launched the #StopTellingMe campaign.  It all started with this post

Supporting local and national events

We support local and national cancer events

Please contact us if you would like us to promote your event.

The Cancer Care Parcels

We provide the opportunity to buy friends, colleagues and loved ones gifts they need.  Thoughtful, appropriate and useful gifts, created in the UK by people who have had experience with cancer.

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