Thoughtful Cancer Care Packs To Help All Ages And All Stages Of Cancer

Thoughtful Cancer Care Packs To Help All Ages And All Stages Of Cancer

Cancer Care Packs can help your friend, loved one or colleague cope with the everyday stress of their cancer diagnosis.

But what to include in a care package is not an easy decision and it is easy to get things wrong.  For example, it’s important not to buy flowers for people undergoing chemotherapy and just because someone has finished a therapy doesn’t mean that its time for chocolates and champagne.

Don't put flowers in cancer care packs

The gift packs that Cancer Care Parcel provides can take the worry away from buying an appropriate gift. All care packages are full of useful, thoughtful, pampering and comforting items created by an expert team who have all been affected by cancer.  You can find cancer care packs for people undergoing any type of treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or convalescence (or no therapy).   All ages are covered too.  There are also special cancer care packages for men, women, children and teens.

If you are not sure which gift is suitable you can email our customer service or give us a call.  We are here to help.

When buying a cancer care pack you can rest assured that your cancer gift only has appropriate items. We never use items that may interfere with cancer drugs, cause any irritation (as people become more sensitive after treatment) or could cause any stress.  For example, we do not add any puzzles or crosswords, as some people get temporary brain fog during therapy.  Our strict policy for our cancer care packs can be found in our frequently asked questions.

Lastly, our cancer care packages are good value.  The total sum of the recommended retail price of the items in a cancer care pack is always higher than the cancer packages themselves.

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  2. Do you ship to the US?

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      Yes we do

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