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Why You Can Trust Cancer Care Parcel With Your Cancer Gifts

There are many places you can buy a cancer gift. But Cancer Care Parcel provide the opportunity for you to buy friends, colleagues and loved ones the gifts they really need.

Let’s face it, when most people hear that someone they know has cancer, they are at a loss for what to do or say and how to help. So we understand that choosing an appropriate, thoughtful and useful present can be challenging.  You need to trust what you are buying.

Who We Are

Our considerate gift hampers are created by people who have had experience with cancer in the UK. The team at Cancer Care Parcel are patients, survivors, family members and close friends of people who have or have had cancer. For example, the managing director (Dr Shara Cohen) started the company whilst she was still going through treatment and finished her treatment in 2018 (which was five years after her diagnosis).

How We Decide What Goes Into A Cancer Gift Hamper

Our team are constantly discussing, sampling and researching to find the best products to go in the gift boxes. We don’t just rely on the cancer care parcel team either. We are very responsive to our clients. If you think we should or shouldn’t have something in our gift boxes, we listen!

The recipient of this gift was absolutely amazed.
All purpose cancer present review
Deluxe Male Cancer Gift Hamper Review

What Do We Do With The Money

Well, we have to pay our salaries, but we are not millionaires. Most of the profit is currently being used for our outreach programmes. We all want to give something back.

Cancer Care Parcel was created to bring back a bit of calm into the lives of all people affected by cancer and its treatment (including friends, family and carers).  So we don’t just provide appropriate gifts, we donate to cancer charities and help with cancer charities awareness campaigns. We also write & source articles from the cancer community to benefit people affected by cancer and continuously create new resources to support the cancer community. For example, we host The UK Cancer Directory.

BUT we are not a charity and have no external support. All our work is supported by the sale of our cancer gifts. The more you buy, the more we can do to serve the cancer community

Money Back Guarantee From Cancer Care ParcelWhat if you are unhappy with the gift?

Because we know that the person you are buying a gift for will be delighted we have a no quibble money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

So there is no risk to you.

A selection of gift categories are listed below

If you don’t find what you are looking for let us know.  We are always creating new presents and what you are looking for may be on its way

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