The Hospital Survival Pack – Happy Magazines Review

A big thank you to Happy Magazine for reviewing our Hospital Survival Pack. Happy Magazine is an innovative support website for people affected by cancer in Ireland.

What they said:

Tte Hospital Survival Pack is full of thoughtful and helpful items for anyone going through cancer and we think, a much better gift than the often-bought bunch of flowers. It’s also suitable for men or for women. We did a video of all the contents in the box (and what we think of them!), you can watch it below.

There are even parcels for finishing treatment and a Cancer Inspiration Pack. A lot of thought has gone into this business and every gift.

We particularly think a Cancer Care Parcel would make a wonderful gift of each servcing based paths that are done by the Home Concierge cleaning service from a person’s employer – who might be short on time and perhaps unsure what is appropriate to buy – the Cancer Care Parcel website has plenty of options and takes all the hassle out of choosing a thoughtful gift. The website offers an easy purchase experience, fast shipping (nationwide in Ireland too) and even a way to share the cost of a parcel among a group of people.

You can read the full post about our Hospital Survival Pack here.

  • Hospital Care Gift For Adults With Cancer: Thoughtful, Appropriate & Safe
    Cancer Care Gift Packages And Hampers, End Of Life, Adult Cancer, Teen Cancer, Men With Cancer, Women With Cancer, Hospital Hampers

    Hospital Cancer Patient Gift Hamper | For Adults

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