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How A Cancer Care Parcel Helped Me Through My Cancer Treatment

My Cancer Treatment: Cancer turned my world upside downWe are delighted to have received some very positive comments for Mathew who received one of our Cancer Care Parcels during his cancer treatment.  We regularly donate our Care Parcels to the Charity Something To Look Forward To and they have just told us

“I wanted to share Matthew’s story with you following him receiving your Cancer Care Parcel which you so kindly donated. As you can see this has impacted him hugely and we are ever grateful for your support”

Mathew says

“The Cancer Care Parcel has helped me massively and the things inside have helped me no end. When I get temperatures, there is a cool eye mask and there are woolly socks for when my feet lose circulation. “

We are very happy that we can be involved in their wonderful work and look forward to supporting them over the years to come whilst other people may be going through their cancer treatment.

My Cancer Treatment: Cancer turned my world upside down - My wife had to reduce her hours



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  1. We love receiving such positive feedback and sharing it with our donors. Thank you so much for your continued support which is clearly benefiting our service users.

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