Cancer support: Coping with the stress of cancer

Cancer Support: Coping With The Stress Of Cancer

Their 7 active ways to coping with the stress of cancer are discussed below

1.Take action to get rid of the problem

Basically, make sure that you are being looked after by the professionals.  your oncologist, surgeon, radiographer can all take away some of the burden.

2.Plan how to deal with the problem

If you have a plan in your minds its less stressful than the unknown, even if  the plan  doesn;t go  exactly how  you  would want.  Its something to think about instead of worrying

3.Look for advice and information to deal with the problem

Don’t be afraid of getting advice.  The unknown can be more stressful than information. Cancer support is available online and via many support groups

4. Look for sympathy and emotional support

People may surprise you when you ask for help.  There is no shame in needing or taking help when you need it and I am sure you would offer help if it was the other way around!

5.  Accept that the problem exists and decide what you can and cannot control

If you can’t accept that you have cancer you will be not be able to move forward and get the help and support that you need.  Take control of what you can and let people look after you.

6.  Try to get a new perspective by making the best of the situation

Everything has changed now, but you can still look forward.  Accept life with a new perspective and make the best of what you have

7.  Become aware of your feelings about the problem and express them to others

Let the people you trust know how you feel, including yourself.  By acknowledging your feelings you can reduce their impact.

For more about the Cancer Support Communities advice about coping with stress see

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