The Cancer Resource List For People With Cancer, Their Carers And Friends

The aim of the Cancer Resource List page is to provide an extensive list of information regarding cancer diagnosis, fundraising, prognosis, support, awareness, treatment, campaigns and research.

Below is a Cancer Resource List for further information regarding specific cancers.

*If there are resources that we are missing from this page, or you have any suggestions (if you want us to change anything we are happy to),  please do contact us and let us know.

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Name Type of CancerRegionDescriptionWebsite
Action Bladder CancerBladder cancerNationalFind information about bladder cancer, symptoms and diagnosis, and
Against Breast CancerAgainst Breast CancerBreast CancerNationalSeeking a Vaccine for breast
Astro Brain Tumor FundBrain CancerNationalThe only UK Charity to focus purely on low-grade
Beating Bowel Cancerheight=Bowel CancerNationalSupporting and compaigning everyone affected by bowel
Bloodwise height=Blood CancerNationalProviding the latest information about blood
Bowel & Cancer Research height=Bowel CancerNationalFunding high quality research into bowel cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other bowel
Bowel Cancer GuernseyBowel CancerNationalPromoting the knowledge and understanding of bowel
Bowel Cancer InformationBowel CancerNationalWebsite
created by leading specialists to help you
Bowel Cancer UKBowel Cancer UKBowel CancerNationalThe UK's leading bowel cancer research
Brain Research TrustBrain CancerNationalInvestigating the causes of brain tumours and the best way to treat
Brain TrustBrain CancerNationalProviding personal 24/7 support from the point of brain cancer diagnosis
Brain Tumor ResearchBrain Tumor ResearchBrain CancerNationalFunding brain tumour research in the same way as leukaemia, breast and other
Brain Tumor SupportBrain Tumor SupportBrain CancerNationalDedicated to providing support for patients, families and carers so that no-one feels alone facing the effects of a brain tumour
Breast Buddies Forum
Breast Support ForumBreast CancerNationalThe UK's only forum dedicated to breast augmentation after surgery
Breast Cancer CareBreast Cancer CareBreast CancerNationalCombining personal experiences of people affected by breast cancer with clinical expertise.
Breast Cancer Havenheight=Breast CancerNationalOffering advice on practical things like money and work, help combatting stress, exhaustion and
Breast Cancer NowBreast Cancer Now LogoBreast CancerNationalFunding breast cancer
Breast Cancer UKBreast Cancer UK LogoBreast CancerNationalBreast Cancer UK has a preventative approach to breast cancer and aims to tackle the environmental and chemical causes of the
British Liver Trustheight="75"Liver CancerNationalSupports patients and families facing liver
British Skin FoundationSkin CancerNationalThe UK's only charity dedicated to skin
Butterfly Thyroid Cancer trustThyroid CancerNationalThe first national supporter of patients with Thyroid
Cancer Council VictoriaAll CancerNationalProviding a range of free information and support services to help you manage the impact of
Cancer DojoCancer DojoAll CancerNationalCancer Dojo has a positive ideology, supported by a growing movement in the power of positive
Cancer Fund for ChildrenCancer Fund for ChildrenChildhood CancerNorthern IrelandProvides practical, emotional and financial support to children and young people aged 0 to 24 affected by cancer & their
Cancer Recovery Foundation UKAll CancersNationalCancer Recovery Foundation UK delivers programmes and services designed to enhance the lives of those living with
Cancer relief UKheight=Brain CancerNational Assisting cancer sufferers in the
Cancer Research TechnologyCancer Research TechnologyAll CancerNationalCancer Research Technology develops and commercialises exciting new discoveries in cancer
Cancer Research UKCancer Research UKAll CancerNationalFunding scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner. Also providing cancer information to the public.www.CancerResearchUK.Org
Cancer Research WalesCancer Research WalesAll CancerWalesMaking vital progress into prevention, early diagnosis and better treatment, to benefit cancer patients in Wales and
Cancer Support Communityheight=All cancerNationalEnsuring that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge,and sustained by
CanSurviveCancer Care Parcel Donates Boxes To Support The CanSurvive ProjectAll CancerNationalCan Survive Pamper Packs are given to people going through cancer treatment. These are filled with toiletries for men and women to help make the person feel a bit better.
Capture CureCapture Cure 2017: Artists against cancerCapture Cure 2017NationalRaising money for charities through creative fundraising
Childhood Eye Cancer TrustThe Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) iEye CancerNationalDedicated to helping people affected by retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye
Children with Cancer UKheight="75"Juvenile cancerNationalCharity dedicated to the fight against childhood
Children's Brain Tumour FoundationBrain CancerNationalFounded to raise awareness and fund research into childhood brain
Childrens Cancer and Leukaemia Group Childrens Cancer and Leukaemia GroupChildrens Cancer and LeukaemiaNationalBringing together all professionals working within childhood cancer to share expertise and knowledge to improve treatments and patient
Chordoma UKBone cancerNational Raising awareness of chordoma within patient and clinician
Coping with Cancerheight=All CancerInternationalA personal
Coping With The Big CCoping with the big CAll CancerNationalA personal
CORE fighting degestive diseasesheight=Gut,Liver and Pacreas CancerNationalCommitted to fighting all digestive
DKMS height=Blood CancerNationalAiming to provide a suitable donor for every person in need of a blood stem cell
Ellie’s FriendsEllie's FriendsAll CancerNationalEllie’s Friends provide frequent freebies from caring businesses and individuals, to offset some of the financial and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis.
Fight Bladder CancerBladder cancerNationalHelping to raise awareness, supporting medical
FORCE Cancer CharityFORCE Cancer CharityAll CancerDevon and ExeterCancer Support and Information Centre in the grounds of the Royal Devon & Exeter
Foundation For Women's Cancer height=Gynaecological CancersNationalOffering comprehensive information by cancer
Gig For LifeGig For LifeAll CancerNationalA musical event created for families, friends and supporters of Cancer Research
Head & Neck Cancer GuideHead & Neck cancerNationalA comprehensive resource to help you understand and prepare for every step of the cancer
Hope Support ServicesHope Support ServicesYoung People with close relatives who have cancerNationalSupporting young people across the UK when a close family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening
Jo's Cervical Cancer TrustCervical cancer and cervical abnormalitiesNationalThe only UK charity dedicated to women affected by cervical cancer and cervical
Kidney Cancer Association height=Kidney CancerNationalDedicated to the eradication of death and suffering from renal
Kidney Cancer Support Networkheight=Kidney CancerNationalNetwork of kidney cancer patients, carers and family members affected by kidney
Kidney Cancer UK height=Kidney CancerNationalSupporting patients families and friends of someone with kidney
Kidney Research Uk height=Kidney CancerNational Charity committed to developing treatments, patient information and raising vital public awareness to help save lives.
Kids CanKids CanChildhood CancerNationalSupports research into new and improved treatments for children with
Knitted Knockers
Knitted KnockersBreast CancerNationalA UK charity that knit and crochet breast prostheses for women that have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy.
Leukaemia Cancer SocietyBlood CancerNationalDedicated to fighting blood cancer on every front - research, support, information and
Leukaemia CAREBlood CancerNationalSupporting patients and their families affected by blood
Liver.Ca height=Liver CancerNational Providing support for research and education into the causes, diagnoses, prevention and treatment of all liver disease.www.Liver.Ca
Macmillan Cancer SupportMacmillan Cancer SupportAll CancerNationalAnything from help with money worries and advice about work, to someone who’ll listen if you just want to
Maggie'sMaggiesAll CancerNationalFree practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and
Medical Detection DogsMedical Detection DogsAll CancerNationalMedical Detection Dogs uses the amazing power of the dog’s nose to detect human
Melanoma Focus height=Skin CancerNationalProviding a comprehensive and authoritative source of information for the public and
Melanoma UkSkin CancerNationalGiving patients and their families much needed support during the very difficult times faced upon
Mouth Cancer FoundationMouth CancerNationalDedicated to helping people with mouth, throat and other head and neck cancers deal with the crisis of
Myeloma UK height=Blood cancerNationalHelping myeloma patients live longer and with a better quality of
National Breast Cancer Foundation height=Breast CancerNational Providing help and giving hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support
National Cancer Registration and Analysis ServiceAll CancerNationalA nationwide initiative, driving improvements in standards of cancer care and clinical
National Lung Cancer Forum For NursesLung CancerNationalProviding networking and support to nurses specialising in the care of people with lung
No Stomach for CancerStomach CancerNational Supporting research efforts for screening, early detection, treatment and
OcuMelUkEye CancerNationalProviding support and information through their website, helpline and friendly online
Oesophageal Patients AssociationOesophageal and gastric cancerNationalProviding good quality information for patients, their carers and family affected by oesophageal or gastric
Orchid Fighting Male Cancer

Male CancerNationalWorking on behalf of anyone affected by or interested in male cancer – prostate, testicular and penile
Ovacome height=Ovarian cancerNationalSupporting women affected by ovarian cancer and their
Ovarian Cancer ActionOvarian Cancer ActionOvarian CancerNationalDedicated to beating the UK’s most deadly gynaecological
Ovarian Cancer Awareness MonthOvarian CancerNationalWorking to increase awareness of the disease, with women and GPs, in order to save
Pancreatic Cancer Action height=Pancreatic CancerNationalCharity that proves that there is hope, early diagnosis is achievable and survival is
Pancreatic Cancer Action Networkheight=Pancreatic CancerNationalFighting against pancreatic cancer with a bold and comprehensive approach to Wage Hope through research, patient services, advocacy and community
Pancreatic Cancer Research FundPancreatic Cancer Research FundPancreatic CancerNationalOffering grants to researchers in universities, research institutes and hospitals in the UK and
Pancreatic Cancer Research Fundheight=Pancreatic CancerNationalDedicated exclusively to supporting research to improve diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic
Pancreatic Cancer UK height=Pancreatic CancerNationalProviding expert, personalised support and
Pancreatic Cancer UKPancreatic Cancer UKPancreatic CancerNationalMaking sure that everyone affected by Pancreatic Cancer gets all the help they
Pancreaticaheight=Pancreatic CancerNationalPromoting awareness, increase education, and further pancreatic cancer
Pelican Cancer Foundation height=Pelvic area and liver cancerNationalSupporting clinical research and advancing precision surgery and
Penny Brohn UKPenny Brohn UKAll CancerNationalCourses, groups and individual therapies to help patients feel better and live better with
Prostate Cancer Foundationheight=Prostate CancerNationalCreated to end death and suffering from prostate cancer through the funding of
Prostate Cancer Research Centreheight=Prostate CancerNationalDeveloping new therapy for men with advanced prostate
Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate CancerNationalFighting for better treatments, diagnosis, support and
Prostate Cancer UKProstate Cancer UKProstate CancerNationalProstate Cancer UK has a simple ambition – to stop men dying from prostate
Purple House cancer SupportPurple House Cancer SupportAll Cancer Co. WicklowCancer Support
Sarcomaheight=Bone CancerNationalOffering a range of support for anyone diagnosed with or concerned about
Shine Cancer SupportShine Cancer SupportAdults under 50 with CancerNationalSupporting adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have experienced a cancer
Skin Cancer Fondationheight=Skin CancerNationalDevoted to education, prevention, early
Solving Kids’ CancerSolving Kids CancerChildren with NeuroblastomaNationalSupporting the lives of children affected by neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood
Stand up to CancerStand Up To CancerAll CancerNationalFunding
translational research
Tackle Prostate Cancer height=
Prostate CancerNationalRepresenting people with prostate cancer and those who care for
Target Ovarian CancerOvarian CancerNational Providing much-needed support to women with ovarian
Teenage Cancer TrustTeenage Cancer TrustTeenage CancerNationalExpert treatment and support for teenagers with
Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation height=Testicular CancerNational Supporting patients and
Testicular Cancer Societyheight=Testicular CancerNational Providing support for fighters, survivors and
The Brain Tumour CharityThe Brain Tumour CharityBrain CancerNationalMaking a difference every day to the lives of people with a brain tumour and their
The British Thyroid FoundationThyroid CancerNationalSupporting people with thyroid disorders and helping their families and people around them to understand the
The Eve Appeal height=Gynaecological CancersNationalRaising awareness and funding research in the five gynaecological
The Institute of Cancer ResearchThe Institute of Cancer ResearchAll CancerNationalOne of the world’s most influential cancer research
The Oral Cancer FoundationOral CancerNationalDesigned for advocacy and service, created to promote change, through proactive means, in both the public and medical/dental professional
The Pituitary FoundationPituitary CancerNationalA national support and information organisation for pituitary patients, their families, friends and
The Royal Marsden Cancer CharityThe Royal Marsden Cancer CharityAll CancerNationalA world-leading cancer centre who pioneer new treatments that save
Throat Cancer FoundationThroat CancerNationalDedicated to reducing the impact of throat cancers on society and on
Treating Children With CancerTreating Children With CancerChildhood CancerNationalHelping treat children with cancer and supporting the children and
UK Lung Cancer Screening Trial (UKLS)Lung CancerNationalThe first lung cancer screen trial to take place in the UK and hopes to benefit people who are at risk of developing lung
Wessex Cancer TrustWessex Cancer TrustAll CancerWessexWessex Cancer Trust helps and supports anyone affected by cancer regardless of age, gender or type of
Why Guy?Bone CancerNationalGuy’s charity aims to raise funds for vital research and to promote awareness of this devastating
Yorkshire Cancer ResearchYorkshire Cancer ResearchAll CancerYorkshireHelping people in and around Yorkshire avoid, survive and cope with cancer.

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