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How to talk to your friend with cancer: Advice from a cancer patient

Cancer FriendIn this months ‘Coping with Cancer’ Holly Bertone has written a very insightful article describing the how people may react when told they have a friend with cancer and suggests appropriate responses. Shes says that her friends need to know  that “While going through cancer treatment”:

  • I may be needy;
  • I may push you away.
  • I might be depressed and angry about the diagnosis,
  • I’m probably obsessed with finding out everything I can about my disease.”

Although these all normal reactions and emotions, what needs from is for them to listen!Chemo Gifts For People With Cancer From Cancer Care Parcel

How not to treat a cancer patient

  • Don’t offer advice unless asked specifically. Everyone’s diagnosis and treatment is different and the decisions made are personal
  • Don’t tell say they will be fine. Those words belittle the severity of the treatment.
  • Don’t tell them you know what they are going through unless you’ve been through it too.

What to do with your friend with cancerPractical suggestions for helping a friend with cancer

  1. Tell them you love them. Tell them you’re there if they need you. Tell them you’ll help take care of their family.
  2. Know that you can’t take the cancer away. You can’t take away the pain, the anger, the fear.
  3. Read our
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  1. Don’t particularly like the ‘sad’ picture. My way of dealing with it is to take the p*ss out of the b…

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