Do You Want To Tell People About Your Cancer Experience?

Do You Want To Tell People About Your Cancer Experience?

Cancer Care Parcel are looking for guest bloggers to tell our readers about their cancer experience.  Whether you have cancer now or were affected by cancer as a survivor, friend, loved one, professional or carer, we would like to hear from you.

By letting people understand your cancer experience you could be helping people with their own journey.

We prefer to publish articles which we believe either benefit people with cancer or are informative to people who do not have cancer.

Examples could be

  • Tips on how to treat someone with cancer
  • Positive news items about cancer
  • Personal experiences with cancer, either as a patient, carer, relative or friend

You will get full credit for your article and if you like we can put your picture and a biography.



For further advice regarding what to submit please go to Submission Guidelines or contact editor [@]

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