Luxurious Women’s Cancer Gift

The ultimate luxury cancer hamper provides useful, fun & comfort items for women with any cancer at any stage.

  • Everything included: practical Items for dealing with stress and therapy, luxury items for pampering, fun and motivational items.
  • A premium cancer gift to give relief during difficult times
  • This parcel is appropriate for all women in ANY of the following circumstances 1) Just diagnosed with cancer 2) Undergoing any type of treatment 3) Not undergoing cancer treatment
  • Safe for all treatments.
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An  Ultimate Cancer Gift Hamper For Women

*Practical items for dealing with stress……*Luxury items for pampering……*Fun and motivational items, to give a little relief during these difficult times.

  • Cancer Therapy, Including, Chemotherapy,  Radiotherapy and/or Surgery Safe

What Is In The Women’s Ultimate Cancer Gift Parcel?


Essential Vitamin E Hydration:  This ®Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream is a lightweight, easily absorbed facial moisturiser which protects and locks in moisture. Ideal for dry skin which can be a side effect of some cancer therapies.

Purple Eye Gel Mask:  This eye gel mask will soothe tired eyes and can be used for relaxation. It can also be a helpful relief from cancer-related fatigue. The mask can be used as both a cold or warm eye press.

Vaseline® Lip Therapy®:  It is common to get dry or chapped lips when ill and even more so when undergoing treatment for cancer or convalescing, So in this deluxe cancer hamper there is a lip therapy to protect and relieve dry and chapped lips. Instantly softening and soothing, this lip balm locks in moisture to help lips recover from discomfort. Containing * triple-purified Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly (clinically shown to be safe and to protect and moisturise dry skin.).

Chocolate and Ginger tea:  Ginger is often recommended to relieve symptoms of nausea which can be a side effect of some cancer treatments. We have selected this ginger and chocolate herbal infusion to our cancer gift box to add a bit of luxury to the standard ginger anti-nausea remedy. Shibui leaf tea is an exquisite blend of warming ginger and delectable chocolate: Great Taste Award Winner 2016. Naturally caffeine free.

Brazilian Mud Clay Spa Facemask:  A woman’s cancer gift wouldn’t be complete without a pampering face mask. We have provided this luxury face mask from ®Montagne Jeunesse International Ltd.

Hand & Nail Cream Dry skin is a common side effect of cancer treatment. Both chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause this. In addition, there are sometimes harsh soaps in hospital. It is also nice, just to moisturise. With sweet almond oil and shea butter, this hand cream will make skin feel silkier and softer in no time. Moisturises hands and conditions nails

Stress Relief

Colour Therapy Travel Stress Pad:  A compact adult colouring book for stress relief which can be easily transported is an ideal companion for passing the time during chemotherapy, hospital visits & convalescence and to take the mind away from stressful situations.

Colouring Pencils:  Colouring pencils to accompany the colouring book.


Supersoft Neck Cushion:  A soft neck cushion will provide comfort and support for the head neck and shoulders in hospital and can also be used for bed rest and journeys. Soft to the touch and filled with thousands of tiny microbeads which sculpt to the body’s shape providing fantastic support.

Handwarmer:  Hands can get cold at any time, but are particularly vulnerable to the cold after chemotherapy, so an ultimate cancer gift would not be complete without a hand warmer to help with the cold. With a reusable click to heat gel pack, this hand warmer will never get old.

Super Soft Blanket/Throw:  We couldn’t call this an ultimate cancer gift without including this soft throw. Provided to create a cosy and comforting feeling during chemotherapy, at hospital or at home, in a chair, on the bed or sofa.

Nausea Relief

Sea-Band Anti Nausea Wrist Band:  Cancer patients who have general nausea or nausea caused by chemo or radiotherapy can safely use Sea-Bands to control this. It is recommended to wear the bands during treatment both in hospital and at home. And if your friend is not having cancer treatment or it does not affect them in this way, these bands are also a drug-free alternative to travel sickness pills. In fact, they can be used for any type of nausea and have no side effects.

Peppermint Herbal Tea Pyramid Teabags:  Peppermint tea has been shown to relieve stress, increase relaxation and relieve both radiotherapy and chemotherapy-induced nausea. The peppermint tea included here is from Jenner World of Teas. Completely caffeine free with a fresh menthol aroma and cool fresh taste, in bio-degradable pyramid tea bags.

Woven Cool Food Bag:  A common recommendation for a cancer diet is to eat small amounts often and to carry handy snacks. This small personal cooler is robust and suitable for everyday use. Made from strong woven polypropylene, this cool bag is lightweight and can also be used for medicines as well as food. A good accompaniment for travelling and to keep by the bedside.


Battery Operated Bedside Light plus Batteries:  A lovely decorative bedside light. We added this just for fun, to brighten up the bedside at home or in hospital. To make convalescence, reading and rest a special time and to ensure this is the deluxe cancer gift.


Water Bottle:  Keeping hydrated is very important when you have cancer. So in this ultimate cancer gift box for women, we have provided a UK manufactured water bottle. *Easy to hold *Wide neck for easy fill and cleaning *Eco-friendly *BPA free.

E45 Cream:  E45 Cream is clinically proven to help improve skin health. It treats and soothes the dry skin caused by cancer therapies by replacing lost moisture and forming a protective barrier. A no-nonsense cream to help with dry skin, effective and non-greasy.

Two Packets of Tissues:  Always useful at any time, the perfect size for a handbag.

Earphones:  A set of spare earphones are included for relaxing/resting and blocking out the noise/world in bed or hospital or when waiting for appointments. Suitable for phones, tablets and computers.

Digital Thermometer:  It is easy to get an infection when you have cancer, primarily because treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery can all reduce immune function. Having a thermometer at hand is useful to check for infection. This thermometer has a centigrade scale and a clear LCD display. Quick and accurate with last temperature memory and a storage case, this is perfect to keep in a handbag, travel or overnight bag.

Water-Jel Hand Sanitizer:  Because it is so much easier to get an infection when you are having chemo, radiotherapy or surgery it is important to try to keep germ free. This water-jel hand sanitiser * Kills 99.9% of germs, without the use of soap and water, *Has Vitamin E & Aloe, *Is Gentle on hands even after use, *Comes in an easy to use dispenser bottle.

Portable Power Bank:  It is very annoying when your phone, tablet or MP3 player runs out of battery, particularly when on hospital visits, overnight stays or convalescing. So we included this power bank, which has a unique design, is fast, light and ultra portable. It can also be used with the USB light that we provide in this luxury hamper.

USB Light:  This flexible silicon USB light is perfect for bedtime reading at home or in hospital. Simply plug into any USB socket or the power bank supplied in the deluxe box. This light is designed to be flexible and can bend or twist to the position required.

Access to cancer resources: Created to support people affected by cancer (including parents, friends, family and carers.

Luxury Packaging

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“The Ultimate Luxury Cancer Hamper With Useful, Fun & Comfort Items For Women With Any Cancer At Any Stage.”


We guarantee the person receiving your gift will be delighted

If they are not, we will give you a full refund.

All our gifts are put together by experts

All our gifts are thoughtfully put together.  We liaise with our advisory board, which consists of cancer patients and survivors and those receiving our parcels for their feedback and suggestions.

We carefully construct each box so that you can feel secure that your gift will be welcome.

A Strict Policy For Parcel Contents Is Always Upheld.

We never have any of the following items in a box

  • Religious content
  • Shampoo or other hair products
  • Food, in general (although we may include natural sweeteners, food which helps with nausea or items which help with dry mouth or bad mouth taste)
  • Anything that makes claims to cure or prevent cancer
  • Anything mentally or physically challenging

We Only Create Gifts For People Affected By Cancer.

Our gifts are focused on people who are affected by cancer, because that is where our expertise is.

We do not sell gifts for other illnesses; although you are welcome to buy our gifts for any reason, we create our gifts with cancer patients and their family and friends in mind.

Profit Is Used To Support The Cancer Community.

Cancer Care Parcel partners with UK charities helping them fundraise and raise awareness.  We also provide gift box donations and financial support.  In addition, we drive awareness campaigns and acting on the advice of our supporters, fill gaps that are needed in the UK Cancer Community. Click here to find out more.

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Can I send the parcel directly to my friend with a gift message?

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