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Teenage Girl Cancer Gift Hamper

A thoughtfully crafted cancer gift box for teenage girls.  Suitable for any cancer diagnosis: to brighten up the days, to have some ‘time out’ and to give some relief.

  • For all female teens with any cancer diagnosis.
  • Practical Items for dealing with stress and therapy, luxury items for pampering and fun items.
  • To give a little relief during difficult times
  • Everyone who receives a parcel is also given access to our increasing number of resources, aimed at supporting all those affected by cancer.
  • This parcel is appropriate for all teens in ANY of the following circumstances 1) Just diagnosed with cancer 2) Undergoing any type of treatment 3) Not undergoing cancer treatment
  • Safe for all treatments.

Solving Kids' Cancer


For each teen box we sell we make a donation to the solving kid’s cancer charity


A Thoughtful Teenage Cancer Gift Hamper For Girls At Any Stage, With Any Therapy

Providing practical, fun & comfort items…. for distraction and relief.  This teen cancer hamper is suitable for any teenage girl in the following circumstances

  • Just diagnosed with cancer.
  • Undergoing any type of cancer treatment (including chemo, radiotherapy and surgery).
  • Not undergoing cancer treatment and/or convalescing.

What Is In Teenage Cancer Gift Hamper?

For Nausea

Peppermint Herbal Tea Pyramid Teabags:   Peppermint tea has properties to relieve radiotherapy and chemotherapy nausea. It also has health benefits. This naturally caffeine free drink can be comforting and a good addition to the diet of anyone with cancer.  The peppermint leaves in the bio-degradable pyramid tea bags provide a fresh menthol aroma and a cool fresh taste.


Glass Clothing” trousers:  Medium sized soft trousers from the youth-fashion-driven company “Glass Clothing”. To be worn around the house, in hospital, in bed, going out…..anytime! To stay comfortable and to feel fashionable.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips: Instantly soothes dry lips and locks in moisture.

Bed Socks: For cold feet during and after chemotherapy or just cold days.  Thes bed socks supplied within this cancer present are soft and comfy.

Practical and Fun

Battery Operated Bedside Light:   With stars inside this bottle light to brighten up the bedside at home or at the hospital, this bedside light makes convalescence, reading and rest special.  We also include the batteries.

Something To Do

Colouring Pencils:  Many colours, in an easy to carry carton.

Spare headphones: which fit most electronic devices to take the mind of the treatments and any nausea

Colouring Pad: Do you know that colouring books are used in some adult cancer wards in hospitals? Taking time out to focus on colouring is a good way to relax and destress and this colouring pad a perfect distraction.


Supersoft Neck Cushion: When you are nauseous it is important to try not to get overtired because you could find things more difficult to cope with when you are exhausted. Soft to the touch and filled with thousands of tiny microbeads which sculpt to the body’s shape providing fantastic support and can help relax.

Water Bottle: Its very important to stay hydrated and to help with this there is this eco-friendly, and BPA free water bottle.

Contents Information:  A bright explanatory leaflet, with the heading that “Someone who cares about you sent you this parcel”

Access to Cancer Resources: Created to support people affected by cancer (including parents, friends, family and carers

Luxury Packaging

“A Beautiful Gift For A Teen Girl With Cancer”

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Additional information

Dimensions 33.6 x 23.5 x 15 cm
Theme/Predominant Colour

Pink and White



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