Teenage Girl Chemotherapy Survival Kit

A premium chemotherapy gift box for teenage girls.  Thoughtfully created and suitable for any cancer diagnosis.  Giving relief, comfort and a smile during the difficult chemotherapy journey

  • Everything needed for a teen girl having chemo
    • practical items for dealing with stress and therapy
    • information to help with side effects
    • luxury items for pampering and fun items.
  • Safe for all cancer treatments.

Solving Kids' Cancer


For each teen box we sell we make a donation to the solving kid’s cancer charity


A Thoughtful Teenage Cancer Gift Hamper For Girls Going Through Chemotherapy

For Nausea

Peppermint Herbal Tea Pyramid Teabags:   Peppermint tea has properties to relieve radiotherapy and chemotherapy nausea. It also has health benefits. This naturally caffeine free drink can be comforting and a good addition to the diet of anyone with cancer.  The peppermint leaves in the bio-degradable pyramid tea bags provide a fresh menthol aroma and a cool fresh taste.

Nausea Infographic: A comprehensive double sided infographic with suggestions to help cope with and prevent nausea


Two Supersoft Neck Cushions: When you are nauseous it is important to try not to get overtired because you could find things more difficult to cope with when you are exhausted. Soft to the touch and filled with thousands of tiny microbeads which sculpt to the body’s shape providing fantastic support.  To help relax during and after therapy.

Super Soft Mermaid Blanket:  We couldn’t call this a deluxe chemotherapy gift without including a soft, snugly blanket. Provided to create a cosy and comforting feeling during chemotherapy, this mermaid fur throw is the ultimate teenage girly treat.

Pampering and Comforting

Bed Socks: For cold feet during and after chemotherapy or just cold days.  These bed socks supplied within this teenage chemotherapy gift,are soft and comfy.

Organic Lip Balm:  Chemotherapy can affect the skin’s natural moisture because it reduces the amount of oils that glands secrete. As a result, sore lips can be a common side effect of chemotherapy. This organic moisturising lip protection will soothe and protect those dry lips.

Sleep Mask: To help relax during and after therapy.


Spare earphones:  These fit most electronic devices to take the mind of the treatments and any nausea.

USB Light: This flexible silicon USB light is perfect for reading. Simply plug into any USB socket or the power bank supplied in the deluxe box. This light is designed to be flexible and can bend or twist to the position required.

Portable Power Bank: It is very annoying when your phone, tablet or MP3 player runs out of battery, particularly when on hospital visits, overnight stays or convalescing. So included is a power bank with a unique design, which is fast, light and ultra portable. It can also be used with the USB light that we provide in this luxury chemotherapy hamper.

Water Bottle: Its very important to stay hydrated and to help with this there is this eco-friendly, and BPA free water bottle.

Contents Information:  A bright explanatory leaflet, with the heading that “Someone who cares about you sent you this parcel”

Access to Cancer Resources: Created to support people affected by cancer (including parents, friends, family and carers

Luxury Packaging


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