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The Childrens Christmas Sack For Kids With Cancer Over The Festive Season
The Childrens Christmas Sack For Kids With Cancer Over The Festive SeasonInside The Childrens Christmas Sack For Kids With CancerThe Childrens Christmas SackChildren WIth Cancer Christmas Sack
The Childrens Christmas Sack For Kids With Cancer


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Christmas can be a lonely time for children with cancer, so we have compiled the Christmas sack that will fit in with whatever a child with cancer is doing over the festive season.

This cancer gift (unlike our others) will not have a flyer which explains the benefits of each item to cancer patients.  The holiday season is a time to forget about stress and so we include a simple SEASONS GREETINGS note which just lists the items.  And as always your gift message is also include

This Christmas sack is appropriate for all children with any cancer diagnosis, undergoing any, or no therapy.

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Product Description

Why Buy The Children’s Christmas Sack For Kids With Cancer

Items are all supplied in a Hessian Style Ho Ho Ho Santa Sack and are suitable for all children, not just those with cancer.  So if you don’t want to single out the child with cancer over the festive season, or you want to make everyone feels special, this sack can be given to all child members of the family.

What makes this a Christmas sack for kids with cancer, is that the fun items inside address specific issues that children with cancer can face.

 What Is In Children’s Christmas Sack For Kids With Cancer?

ProductWhy this is includedRRP
Christmas GlovesHands can get cold at any time, but are particularly vulnerable to the cold after chemo, has a hand warmer to help the cold. These festival season gloves can help with this and the chilly weather.£4.50
HandwarmerAnother item for cold hands, this fun hand warmer has a knitted cover that is a fox at the front and contains a re-usable click to heat gel pack. £4.00
Plush Hanging Reindeer with Fastener HandsSimply a hanging reindeer, to take to the hospital, to be company during chemotherapy and/or to sit or hang by the bedside.£5.20
EarphonesThese spare earphones can be kept handy in a travel bag or by the bedside and will fit most phones, mp3 players and tablets. For playing on devices and listening to music in bed/hospital or waiting for appointments.£10.00
Wind Up Mini FanThe fan provided in this Christmas sack is very light weight and so easy to carry and because it has super soft flexible blades there is no danger of anyone getting hurt. No batteries required. Ideal for radiotherapy and hospitals, which can make you feel hot and uncomfortable. £3.75
Hessian Style Ho Ho Ho Santa Sack All the items are delivered packed in this festive season Ho Ho Ho Christmas Santa Sack£1.99
TOTAL RRP £29.44
Cancer Care Parcel
Cancer Care Parcel provides information, comfort and support to those affected by cancer, including friends, family and colleagues.

Our gifts are appropriate for all ages and all stages of cancer.

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