Ultimate Pink Cancer Care Package | For Children


Ultimate Pink Cancer Care Package | For Children


The pink parcel is a premium cancer gift suitable for all children with any cancer diagnosis: to brighten up the days and to give some relief.

  • Everything that is needed: practical items for dealing with stress and therapy, luxury items for pampering, fun and motivational items.
  • Giving relief during difficult times
  • Safe for all treatments.

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The contents of the Pink Parcel for Children with Cancer from Cancer Care Parcel

For Any Child With Cancer (Who Likes Pink!)

Appropriate for all juvenile cancer diagnosis. A specially created pink deluxe parcel providing practical, fun & comfort items for children with cancer…*Games and fun items for distraction and relief…*Practical items that look like fun…*and a lot of pink.

Children in ANY of the following circumstances are suitable for this VERY PINK gift.

  • Just diagnosed with cancer
  • Undergoing any type of treatment (including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgery)
  • Not undergoing cancer treatment
  • Convalescing

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Cancer Care Parcel provides an opportunity to be able to get a useful gift for someone with cancer in times of uncertainty of what to do or say.

A Perfectly Pink Present For A Child With Cancer

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