The “Say No To Nausea” Box: A Helping To Survive Chemotherapy Gift

A comforting anti-nausea gift parcel, providing useful & luxury items for adults undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer therapies that cause feelings of nausea and/or vomiting.

Total sum of the items sold individually is £72.62

Our Price – £67.99


Whilst we can’t promise that this gift will remove nausea completely, we have added a comprehensive selection of items which can help relieve the symptoms and give comfort.

This adult cancer gift contains both essential and luxury items needed by men and women with any cancer diagnosis who feel nauseous.

What Is In The “Say No To Nausea” Gift Box?


For Immediate Nausea Relief

Peppermint Herbal Tea Pyramid Teabags:  Peppermint tea has numerous health benefits including stress relief and relaxation. it is also thought to slow down gut movement relieving nausea and vomiting.  That is why sucking mints or drinking peppermint tea can help. These peppermint leaves in bio-degradable pyramid tea bags are completely caffeine free and provide a fresh menthol aroma and a cool fresh taste.

Ginger Chews: Ginger is well documented as helping with nausea relief. These ginger chews are made from pieces of ginger root, which means they contain its natural active ingredients and are great to fight off nausea.

Sea-Band Anti Nausea Wrist Band: Sea Ban wristbands are a clinically proven, drug-free alternative treatment for the control of chemotherapy and postoperative nausea. Put the acupressure band on the wrist and the nausea symptoms subside without any drowsiness or other side effects.


To Help With Diet Changes

Nausea Infographic: A comprehensive double sided infographic with suggestions to help cope with and prevent nausea

Woven Cool Food Bag:  Having several small meals a day and carrying nutritious snacks when travelling is often advised when feeling nauseous. This small personal cooler suits this purpose, it is practical and robust enough for everyday use. Made from strong woven polypropylene, this cool bag is lightweight and great for taking food or medicines when on the go. Also useful to keep by the bedside.


For Comfort

Supersoft Neck Cushion:  When someone is nauseous it is important to try not to get overtired, as things are more difficult to cope with when someone is exhausted. This neck pillow is soft to the touch and filled with thousands of tiny microbeads which sculpt to the body’s shape providing fantastic support and can help relax.

Earphones:  The spare earphones in this cancer hamper fit most electronic devices to help listen to relaxing music and take the mind off the treatments and the nausea.

Relaxing CD: A soothing CD for comfort and to help relax.


Other Useful Items

Water Bottle:  Keeping hydrated is very important when not eating well. So in this gift box we have provided a UK Manufactured water bottle which is easy to hold and has a wide neck for easy filling and cleaning. Eco-friendly and BPA free.

Access to cancer resources: Created to support people affected by cancer (including parents, friends, family and carers

Luxury Packaging

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Total sum of the items sold individually is £72.62

Our Price – £67.99

Essential And Luxury Items For People With Any Cancer Nausea

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