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Thoughtful And Appropriate Breast Cancer Gifts For Women

Appropriate breast cancer gifts are hard to find. Not everyone with breast cancer has surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It is also a common assumption that only women get breast cancer.  However, men can get it too (which is why we decided to put women in our title).  We will have another article about male breast cancer soon.

So choosing ideal breast cancer gifts is not easy.  Added to the fact that everyone is different, the shopping experience can be a minefield.

This article focuses on female breast cancer gifts and highlights what we have to offer for women with breast cancer.

Suggestions for Getting Your Own Breast Cancer Gifts

Not everyone with breast cancer has treatment, some just have surgery, others just have personalised drugs.  Radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy are not always the standard treatment anymore.  So before you buy a hat or scarf for someone with breast cancer you need to check whether they are having chemotherapy and whether their chemotherapy will or has affected their hair.  In some cases it is best to get general comforting gifts that won’t offend, but can still be useful.

Examples are

  • fancy water bottles to stay hydrated
  • hand cream for dry hands and for feeling pampered
  • peppermint tea for relaxation and nausea
  • a blanket can be just for comfort and convalescence or also warming if feeling chilly from therapy

Suitable Gifts For Women With Breast Cancer

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We provide several gift boxes which are suitable for women with breast cancer (only our “in stock” items are shown above).

All our boxes have

  • Luxury pampering items.
  • Fun and motivational items.

In addition

Everyone who receives a parcel is given access to our increasing number of  resources, aimed for supporting all those affected by cancer.

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Thoughtful Breast Cancer Gifts

Final thoughts

If you have any suggestions for our gift boxes please contact us, we are always happy to hear from you and we love receiving suggestions for our cancer gifts.

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