How Cancer Changed My Life:  An Inspiring Perspective

How Cancer Changed My Life: An Inspiring Perspective

In 2007 I was running my own business and flying all over the world with it. My children were growing up and finalising their education and my wife had recently retired. Our lifestyle was great and we had no financial worries at all. Up to then, at the age of 51 I had perfect health, […]

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis FRSA, founder of ‘Chris’s Cancer Community,’ and co-founder of ‘Your simPal.’

Chris is a long term cancer patient who has seen the many gaps in cancer support for survivors. His own experiences have led him to be a ‘disruptor,’ with his outspoken style of public speaking and regular postings to his website.

His work has won him many awards and has led to him being one of the major patient influencers within the cancer sector. Chris is known across the globe for his innovative approach to cancer survivorship, and his efforts to improve communication in the sector.