Good And Bad Responses That You Have From People About Your Cancer

Tell Us The Good And Bad Responses That You Have Had From People About Your Cancer

Good And Bad Responses That You Have From People About Your CancerWhen we started compiling a book about the good and bad things people can say to you when you have had cancer we didn’t anticipate the huge volume of response.

Because of this enormous response we decided to look further before publishing and are asking the questions

  • What are the best and worst thing people said to you when you told them you have or/had cancer?
  • What are the best and worst things people can do to support you or someone with cancer?

We are gathering this information to create one or a few books, which will be available for free.  They are aimed at the friends, loved one and colleagues of people with cancer, to help them understand what they can do to help.

Please give us your comments and if you do not want us to quote you, you can send us a message and stay anonymous,

With many thanks



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  1. Someone told me that I shouldn’t have told them about my cancer.. As they couldn’t deal with it and didn’t know how to teat me now.

  2. The best thing to do when someone has cancer is always put their needs before your own. Don’t show them you are scared, don’t try and make them talk about it if they don’t want to. My late husband spoke about his condition when he wanted to. He became very upset and fed up if all people wanted to talk about was cancer. He just wanted to carry on as normal as possible. Never lecture the person living with cancer that they are doing too much. Sometimes staying in work is what keeps them going. Just go along with what they want to do. Even if it’s very difficult. Put your own feelings to one side and remember each person deals with things differently. Be there for them and always be positive even when it hurts ❤❤

    1. Beautiful said sorry about your husband

  3. My Sister told me I only have Cancer, her friend has it worse because she has MS.

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