What is Cancer Care Parcel?

Cancer Care Parcel was set up to take away some of the worry and to bring some calm back into the lives of people with cancer, their family, friends and carers.

Our ongoing work gives information, comfort and support for everyone affected by cancer (including family, friends and carers).

Our website and social networks supply information to those with cancer and their family, friends and carers.

Our gifts are practical and fun and provide comfort for those going through this difficult time.

Explore the Cancer Resource List page

The Cancer Resource List page provides an extensive list of information regarding cancer diagnosis, fundraising, prognosis, support, awareness, treatment, campaigns and research.

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It can be hard to talk about cancer,  the cancer we have or the cancer others have. Our Talking About Cancer section includes

  • tips on conversation
  • personal stories
  • relevant news items

Our Bite Size Series provides downloadable bite size tips and tricks for people affected by cancer.

Our Gift Parcels

Talking About Cancer