Our story: How we started and what we do now

After Dr Shara Cohen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 she found there was very little time to just relax, take it all in and give herself ‘me’ time.

With all the appointments, liaising with work, telling the people who needed to be told…… there was little time to digest what was happening, research the practicalities or to just relax.. So she set up Cancer Care Parcel, to enable children and adults with cancer to take some of the worries away and bring some calm back into their lives.

A Cancer Care Parcel is an ideal gift, to let people with cancer know that you are thinking of them.

Dr Shara Cohen: What we do

Our Comfort Box Won The "Live Better With Spotlight Award"Shara has gone through treatment and understands some needs of people with cancer, however, we don’t rely on Shara to decide what goes in the parcels. We also consult those receiving our parcels and our advisory board, which consists of cancer patients and survivors.  This means that our gifts are well thought out and cover many aspects of what is needed.


We seem to be getting it right and in 2017 won the Live Better With Spotlight award for the best mind and brain product.

We will donate to solving kids cancer for every childrens cancer gift sold